adoption information for the families of pregnant teensadoption information for the families of pregnant teens

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adoption information for the families of pregnant teens

Working as a guidance counselor at a public school has taught me so much about the way these kids are growing up today. This year alone, I had three girls come to me telling me that they were pregnant and weren't sure how to deal with it. Over the past few years, I have assisted with nine pregnancies, and it has taught me a lot. The girls' families were looking for answers about questions that they had about adoption and other options for their daughters. That is why I created this blog - to help the families of pregnant teens find all of the answers they need during a difficult time.



Curing Wedding Woes: How to Take the Stress Out of Shopping for a Dress

Getting engaged is an exciting occasion, but in the months that follow you may find that planning the wedding comes with a little stress. For example, shopping for a wedding dress can be overwhelming because of the virtually unlimited number of options available out there. To minimize stress and keep the process of shopping for a new wedding dress fun, try one or more of these ideas: 

Get Fully Prepared

Take some time to prep for your shopping trip by calling a couple of weeks ahead of time to make sure that the bridal shop has the style of dresses you're interested in, and to schedule an appointment for your dress perusal plans. Having an appointment will help ensure that the place isn't overcrowded so you can take full advantages of the available mirrors. It's also important to sit down and work out a specific budget for your new dress before heading to the bridal shop.

This will help you to immediately rule out dresses that aren't in the budget before you inadvertently trying them on and fall in love with them. Keep in mind that alterations, taxes, and accessories need to be factored into your overall budget. You may also want to bookmark a few pages in magazines that feature dresses you love so they can be used to help find dresses of interest when you are shopping in person.

Invite Friends

Why not bring along a friend or two to help you shop for your dress? It should take the edge off the day and infuse a little lighthearted fun into the experience of trying on several dresses within the span of a couple of hours. Your shopping companions can offer your insight and advice, as well as encourage you when things aren't looking very promising. Ask your friends to take photos of each dress you try on from different angles, so you if you don't buy a dress that day you can refer to the photos when choosing one at a later point.

Enjoy a Few Games

A great way to make sure that the time you spend trying on dresses stays lighthearted and that your shopping guests don't get bored is to play a few games right there in the store. You can take turns naming each gown that you try on, tell stories about princesses who might have worn the dresses that you try on, or play 20 questions based around topics that have to do with getting married.

The idea is to keep smiling and have some fun through trying on the good dresses and the bad; the games will help you keep shopping when you're losing steam too, which minimizes the chance that you'll have to go back again for another shopping round.

Bring Refreshments

Bring along a bottle of sparkling cider and some finger foods to share with your shopping companions in a park nearby before heading into the bridal store. This will help set the mood for a good time and spark a party-like atmosphere that will follow you through the day.

If you don't have time to have a mini celebration before the shopping trip, consider putting together a plate of appetizers and chilling some refreshments at home before you shop, and then celebrating back at your place once the shopping is done and over with. Hopefully you will have a new dress with you, which will give you and your friends something to really celebrate!

By implementing just a couple of these effective tips and tricks, you should find that your trip to the bridal shop feels more like a party than it does a chore. Start getting insight on your options by visiting resources like