adoption information for the families of pregnant teensadoption information for the families of pregnant teens

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adoption information for the families of pregnant teens

Working as a guidance counselor at a public school has taught me so much about the way these kids are growing up today. This year alone, I had three girls come to me telling me that they were pregnant and weren't sure how to deal with it. Over the past few years, I have assisted with nine pregnancies, and it has taught me a lot. The girls' families were looking for answers about questions that they had about adoption and other options for their daughters. That is why I created this blog - to help the families of pregnant teens find all of the answers they need during a difficult time.



Ashes To Ashes, Where Will You Spend Eternity?

At some point in life, most people ponder where their final resting place will be or how their final remains will be disposed of. They often make a decision on whether they will choose a traditional burial, or whether they will choose cremation. While traditional burial used to be the choice of most, this is changing with more people and more people opting for cremation. Why has there been such a shift in this decision? There are actually many different reasons.

Statistics Show A Dramatic Increase In The Number Of Cremations

Approximately fifty years ago, only approximately 4% of people were choosing cremation for their body's disposal over traditional burials, but this is no longer the case. Statistics now show that close to 44% of people are choosing cremation over traditional burial and this number is continuing to rise.

Studies have shown the frequency of choosing cremation is often relevant to where you live. For example, over 74% of the people living in the state of Nevada are choosing to be cremated, but not quite 17% of those in Mississippi are choosing this option. There are even great variances even with neighboring states. While Mississippi is showing an average of 16.9%, their neighboring state of Florida is showing an average of over 60%. What is the difference?

Reasons For The Increase In People's Choice Of Cremation

Migration To Retirement Locations - If you were to look at the states who have the highest cremation rates, you will find that many of them are also retirement hot spots. Some of these attract retirees due to their favorable weather conditions, and other states attract retirees due to their favorable tax statuses. 

When people migrate to other areas, they leave family churches and family cemeteries. While their bodies can be transported back to be interred into these special places, many people no longer feel the need. Migrations which take place, especially later in life, often cause people to have less connections to the locations in which they are living. While the location may be a great place to live, it is not always somewhere that people can envision themselves being buried. 

Portability Of Their Remains - Due to people being less connected to where they are currently living, many people are choosing to be cremated due to the fact their remains then become portable. While some choose this portable option so their ashes can be interred, or spread in other places, some choose it so they can remain with their families forever. When the family moves, their remains are able to be moved as well.

Decline In Organized Religion - Over the last fifty years, there has been a sharp decline in the number of people participating in organized religion in the United States. This in turn has released many of these people from some of the standard church traditions such as a traditional funeral and burial. A good example of this is seen on the map mentioned above. Utah, which still has a very strong, organized religious base, has a much lower rate of cremation than any of their neighboring states. 

Increasing Costs Of Traditional Funerals And Burials - One of the main deciding factors for many people choosing cremation services simply boils down to cost. The average costs of a traditional funeral and burial runs somewhere between $7,000 - $10,000, and could cost much more depending on the options you choose. The average cost of cremation, on the other hand, ranges from $1,500 - $4,000.

Spending less money on the disposal of your body at death leaves more money behind to take care of your family. For some families, this is a basic economic decision, and for others it is a sound financial investment. No matter why you make your choice of cremation, it is a great decision for the disposal of your final remains.