adoption information for the families of pregnant teensadoption information for the families of pregnant teens

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adoption information for the families of pregnant teens

Working as a guidance counselor at a public school has taught me so much about the way these kids are growing up today. This year alone, I had three girls come to me telling me that they were pregnant and weren't sure how to deal with it. Over the past few years, I have assisted with nine pregnancies, and it has taught me a lot. The girls' families were looking for answers about questions that they had about adoption and other options for their daughters. That is why I created this blog - to help the families of pregnant teens find all of the answers they need during a difficult time.



Unplanned Pregnancy? Here's 2 Ways An Adoption Agency Can Help You Through This

Seeing the positive sign on a pregnancy test might be the best thing that a woman could see; but for you, this could be the most devastating news you've ever experienced. Unplanned pregnancies occur often, but there are options. If you are scared and not sure what you should do, you may want to talk with an adoption agency. They will be able to educate you about all the options you have, including adoption. If you choose to give the baby up for adoption, here are two ways an agency will help you through this difficult time in your life.

Assistance Needed For a Healthy Pregnancy

Amidst all the different fears you may have surrounding your unplanned pregnancy, one of the biggest might be the thoughts of how you will pay for the care needed to carry out a full-term pregnancy. If you choose adoption, this is something you will not have to worry about. One of the main goals of an adoption agency is to provide young girls with the resources they need to have healthy pregnancies, and this often includes:

  • Helping them apply for insurance – The first step is determining if you qualify for Medicaid. If so, this would cover all the medical costs of the entire pregnancy. If you do not qualify, the agency will help you find another way to pay for it. With Medicaid, you may be able to get free rides to and from your doctor appointments.
  • Finding organizations that can help supply them with food and vitamins – The agency will also be there to ensure that you have healthy food to eat and vitamins to take. They may do this by issuing vouchers to you, or they may give you vitamins and food themselves.
  • Locate government programs that assist with housing needs – If you are living in a bad place right now, or if you do not even have a place to live, the agency might be able to help you with your housing needs too.

An adoption agency will help you with almost anything you may need help with. They want you to be healthy, and they will do everything within their control to help achieve this.

Counseling Services During and After Pregnancy

In addition to having the fear of how you will pay for things and care for yourself during the pregnancy, another fear you may have involves the emotions you are feeling about the situation. Facing an unplanned pregnancy can take a huge emotional toll on your body and mind, and giving up a baby for adoption is also very difficult emotionally.

Adoption agencies can provide resources to help you work through these emotions, and they may continue to provide resources for you in the future. Even when a pregnancy is not planned an emotional bond is still created between the mother and the unborn child, and this is not something that can be prevented or avoided; it is a completely natural process.

The problem with this is that it can be a devastating blow after the baby is born, because it is then that you will have to hand him or her to the family that is adopting the baby. In addition to this, pregnancy causes major changes in hormones in the body, which can leave women feeling like they are on emotional roller coasters.

The results of these things can be trauma, emotional heartache, and pain and suffering, but counseling services can help. If you choose to give your baby up for adoption, you should make sure that you take advantage of all the counseling services the agency offers you. This will not only help you during the pregnancy, but it can also help you through the adoption process after the baby is born and throuhgout your life.

If you recently found out that you are pregnant, visit an adoption agency. They are there to help and will do all they can to make sure that you are educated enough to make an informed, wise decision about your pregnancy.